Online Pinch Analysis Tool
Written by Jeffrey S. Umbach

Welcome to the Online Pinch Analysis Tool, an interactive web-based application that automates much of the process of performing a basic pinch analysis. From your stream data this tool can determine pinch temperature, generate composite curves, determine ideal minimum heating and cooling utility requirements, perform stream splitting, perform stream matching, and generate basic heat exchanger network info.

This tool is designed with the purpose in mind of helping one understand the concept of pinch analysis, it cannot do all of the work for you but does provide an environment where one can safely learn by trial and error.

The Online Pinch Analysis Tool is free for personal and educational use.

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"Online Pinch Analysis Tool" ©2010, Jeffrey S. Umbach. (Written in PHP 5)
Based on "Pinch Analysis" ©2007-2010, Ludwig C. Nitsche. (Written in Fortran 95)
This program is free for personal and educational use.