Mission Statement of the Department of Chemical Engineering
The mission of the Department of Chemical Engineering is to serve society through excellence in education, research, and public service. We provide for our students an education in chemical engineering, and we aspire to instill in them the attitudes, values, and vision that will prepare them for lifetimes of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers. Through scholarship, the Department strives to generate new knowledge and technology for the benefit of the State of Illinois, the nation, and beyond.
Mission Statement of the College of Engineering
The mission of the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago is to provide the opportunity for each student to become all that he or she is capable of becoming through excellence in education in the three areas of teaching, research, and service. In the area of teaching, the college provides academic excellence to its students through ten Bachelor of Science programs in six departments: Bioengineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil and Materials Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. With the changing dynamics of society, the college continues to strive for excellence and innovation in both its instructional and research programs. In the area of community service and as part of the University’s Great Cities Program related to economic development and environmental concerns, the college is continuously strengthening ties with the industrial community, especially the dynamic region of Illinois.